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Langton House. Kilkenny

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Without a doubt, our venue plays a significant role in a huge success of Islanders Conference. Located in the middle of the country, in a beautiful Kilkenny Town. Equipped with a Hotel Rooms, 11 bars, 4 restaurants, it’s own theatre and incredible staff that help us all to have an incredible experience.

Kilkenny Town is over 400 years old, but it sure doesn’t show its age. Yes, it’s an awe-inspiring throng of medieval cathedrals, castles, abbeys and other massive stone buildings, but Kilkenny loves to party. An endless stream of arts festivals celebrating theater, comedy, bluegrass and dance is constantly pumping the city with new life, toe-tapping energy and international flavuor.

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Our community in one place

We strongly believe that being part of a community is super important in progressing in your life. We are so proud to have an intimate place where we can chat to each other and share many ideas about business, art, and everything else that comes to your mind.

Our FB Group has become our communication channel. Quite often, our group members will be the first one to know about Conference plans, casual meet ups or FB lives with various guests that we host every week.

Since the Islanders 2018 has finished, our FB Group has become a centre of many post-event discussions as well as chats about anything. We put a lot of focus on making sure everyone feels welcome and everyone can benefit from being a member of our small family.

If you plan on coming to the Conference, you look for a completely unique FB group for photographers and videographers, or you simply want to hang out with cool people, make sure to join us!

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My favourite thing at the conference was the atmosphere. Everyone was open, open to learning, to questions, to making new connections, to sharing whatever they could. I thought Johns videos were particularly good at setting the tone from the get go, the idea that even though we were surrounded by photographers with a really high calibre body of work behind them both on the stage and in the audience and yet no-one was taking themselves too seriously and weren’t afraid to poke fun at them selves. I only made it down very late Monday night so wasn’t out that night but both Tuesday and Wednesday night were fantastic. I loved that the re was somewhere designated in particular where everyone was together as opposed to other conferences where perhaps the “in click” who already knew each other went off and did their own thing leaving the people who didn’t know very many others behind. I guess what I’m trying to say is it was very all-inclusive and welcoming. I also loved the sit down lunch where again anyone could walk up to a table and join it and get a chance to connect with people they hadn’t met before. I really enjoyed the whole experience, my brain is fried (in a good way!) from all the wonderful speakers and all I have to process, my heart is lifted with the sense of community and my social calendar is filled with all the new friends I’v e made. Thank you guys for a wonderful few days x

Lisa McCormack

What did I like so much? Basically everything!!! I’ve never attended any photography conference before. I don’t know why, but from the moment this was launched I intended on going – there was just something about it, Why? I’ve no idea, probably because the marketing looked so good, honestly. I had even booked the hotel before the tickets went on sale.

I’m sure I’m just repeating what others have said, but the energy at the conference was fantastic – from you guys, the speakers and the attendees. It kicked off with a bang in Petar’s talk. The detail that the guys at Maru Films went into about their work was brilliant to see – their method. Not all speakers reached that level, but I know from speaking to so many attendees that their talk was regarded as possibly the best. I only say that as Ross’ talk was last and so I didn’t get to speak to many about his. Ross’ was my favourite and I’ve no doubts most other’s favourite too. He stole the show. The variety of topics and how you spliced them together worked really well, it flowed well.

The hotel was a great setting and a great choice. No bullshit conference/partitioned room. The food was fantastic, and a vegetarian, it was spot on – something I fail to see again and again out at my weddings. The gather the first night, keeping everyone together was great, and it gave everyone a chance to mingle and meet new people. I met so many new faces!

Darren Kirwan

I loved the atmosphere of the event. It’s a very hard thing to be able to explain how Tomasz managed to create the right conditions for that to flourish, but there was a genuine feeling of community and openness. All of the big names speakers were very visible and easily approached throughout the event, which was lovely to see.
I absolutely loved the venue and how the theatre/stage/room was big enough to fit everyone comfortably but still felt intimate. Loved all of the branded merchandise and overall brand in general.
John’s videos really added a whole new dimension to the atmosphere. There was no pretentiousness because of the humour that John brought to it – you absolutely have to have him back!
The workshops/photo walk/last nights entertainment all added so much to the team bonding and spirit, which I feel helped to create the community vibe I mentioned at the start.
We know everyone loves the big names, but it was really nice to see a platform for local talent – I for one, felt so so privileged. Also, there was a perfect balance between inspiring/aspirational talks and practical talks, which was really nice. Loved it so much guys – amazing!

Michael Toman

Ross Harvey

Wedding Photographer. UK

Had a BLAST meeting everyone involved. No one was taking themselves seriously (Play it cool Trig, play it cool…); banter, high spirits and deep conversations all over the place. Made so many new friends. That’s the shit right there!

The first time presenters! Getting up on stage isn’t easy—especially when sharing the stage with peeps with previous experience—and they rocked it! It was clear they genuinely cared about sharing helpful content and put so much effort into it.

Nick and Tomasz ran an event that felt like it was in its 5th year or something (even the cookies were fresh!) – big respect and thanks so much for the invitation to be a part of it!

I loved Ireland and want to go back to spend some more time there. Soak up the culture and just chat about life, the universe and everything – just enjoy sharing ideas!

18th - 20th March 2019

Kilkenny. Ireland

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